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Stop Congress From Removing All Abortion Restrictions!

Pre-Born Baby

Nancy Pelosi is pushing for a vote on HR 3755 ‘‘Women’s Health Protection Act of 2021’’ this week!

This bill would remove all federal and state restrictions from abortion.

This means it would do away with:

  • All Heartbeat laws
  • All waiting period laws
  • All Ultrasound Requirement Laws
  • All counseling laws
  • All Parental Consent Laws for Minors
  • All Hospital Licensing Requirement laws for doctors
  • All Religious and Conscience Rights Laws Of Medical Personnel
  • etc.

You can read the Bill itself at

Please contact your Representative immediately and tell them to strongly oppose HR3755.

You can look up your Representative and contact them at

Here is the message I sent to my Representative. You can use it as a guide or copy it and just put your representative’s name on it if you want too:

Dear Representative Desjarlais,

Please strongly oppose HR 3755. The Liberals have deceptively named this bill ‘‘Women’s Health Protection Act of 2021.”

This bill has nothing to do with “protecting women’s health.” It only has to do with furthering an evil agenda and evil people being able to stuff their pockets with blood money!

This bill would not protect women’s health at all! It would remove all State and Federal Restrictions on abortion. Including vital safety standards like licensing requirements for doctors at a local hospital putting women’s health in much danger.

It would also infringe upon parental rights as it would prohibit parental consent for a minor to have an abortion, no matter how young.

It is not good for women’s mental health either since it does away with ultrasound requirements and requirements that women be told the truth that they are carrying a living human child.

Many women who have had abortions end up suffering from severe mental health problems including depression, bipolar, social anxiety, and suicidal tendencies, after learning the truth that they took the life of a living person. This was documented in the report made by the South Dakota Task Force On Abortion. You can read their report at

Many times depression can lead to even bigger problems such as drug addiction and alcoholism, which adversely effects all of society through the criminal justice system, welfare system, the economy etc. This was also documented in the report made by the South Dakota Task Force On Abortion. You can read their report at

In addition, the bill prohibits medical staff from even asking a woman at any age why she wants to have an abortion.

This is dangerous for women, because Planned Parenthood has already been caught covering up human trafficking. You can read more about this at

If this bill passes it opens the door wide for women to be abused and then forced to have abortions by their abusers.

This bill also makes it easier for a grown man to molest a minor and then hide it from her parents by forcing her to have an abortion, because no parental consent can be asked for and no medical staff can ask the girl why she wants to have an abortion, even if she is a pre-teen.

The bill erroneously claims that abortion is safe for women. Many women have been made sterile or had other serious health complications due to having an abortion. There have even been instances where women have had to be carried out of abortion clinics by ambulance and taken to a hospital because of severe complications.

The fact that many women have been physically harmed by abortion is also documented in the report made by the South Dakota Task Force On Abortion. You can read their report at

A person has the right to know the truth about all risks associated with any medical procedure, and to deprive women of the right to know all the risks of abortion is discrimination against women!

This bill does not protect women at all. It enables evil men, and an evil industry to take advantage of them!

This bill does nothing to protect women’s health! It makes them vulnerable to an evil industry who only wants to make money off of their naivety and their children’s blood!

This bill also does away with all heartbeat laws, which will lead to a lot more innocent babies being killed.

Please oppose HR 3755 for the sake of women’s health, and the lives of innocent children!